CADILLAC XT4 in Gulfport, MS

2021 Cadillac XT4 Available Now in Gulfport, MS

You can always find the latest Cadillac models at Turan Foley Cadillac. If you're looking for a sporty and compact luxury SUV, consider the impressive Cadillac XT4. The XT4 bears a sporty agile appearance, all when getting a great utility and updated performance features.

A great style gives you all the motivation you need to show off this car where luxury and convenience are the main priorities. Platinum leatherette seats offer all the comfort and adjustable seating positions in its cabin, and they come with black accents and aluminum metal trims. You can also choose Jet Black leather upholsteries in the Premium Luxury, carrying diamond-cut decorations. The sport bears carbo fiber trims in the Jet-Black leather seats and a bit of contrasting stitching.

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Why Consider the Cadillac XT4?


Cadillac offers a turbocharged engine, getting a torque of 258 pound-feet and a horsepower production of 237. This engine mates to an automatic nine-speed transmission, which maximizes power and impressive performance. Interestingly, this new toy now gets an all-wheel-drive system with a twin-clutch feature.

Additionally, you will also get a drive mode selector, a system that enables you to shift between various modes, including the Snow and Ice and the Sport and Tour modes. These help it to adapt to multiple driving environments, maximizing stability and performance. It also gets an active sport suspension, which works with the dumping car feature to adjust the wheels chassis for a stable ride. New models also get an electric precision shift system which enables smooth translation for an intuitive operation.

Interior, Technology, and Cargo

On entrance to the car's interior, various premium material is awaiting you. Hattiesburg drivers will find plenty of technical specs, luxurious accents, and an array of driver assistance features. The cockpit holds notable intuitive controls with a rotary controller and panel layout, giving you maximum control of every car's functionality. Stay connected with various wireless systems, including the Apple CarPlay for iPhone and Android Auto for Android phones. Biloxi drivers can access phone music, apps and receive or make calls to their friends with them.

There is also an available wireless charging system, by which you only need to place your phone on the compartment to bring power to your reach. Comfort comes with various adjustable seating positions, which are also complemented by the available lumbar feature. This allows you to turn every journey into a luxurious experience. These seats also get ventilation meaning hot weather is not a challenge anymore.

Cadillac now provides the Alexa Built-In car app, bringing various car functionalities to your reach. Ideally, this system allows the use of the voice command features, will enable you to stream live music, make calls, get navigations and tune your favorite radio stations. The steering also gets control buttons creatively fitted on its sides, making every ride personalized and controlled.

Cadillac XT4 also has a decent cargo storage space, accommodating anything you need to haul for that trip you've been thinking about. Behind the rear seats come a generous spacing, and various storage compartments are located across the cabin. Rear seats are also ideal in maximizing the cargo space, offering 60/40 splitting capabilities.


You don't have to worry anytime you pick this machine to take you across Pascagoula. With it, you get maximum security and protection features, offering alert systems and others to complement your skills. When there are impending collisions, the available active emergency braking ensures you avoid or reduce frontal collisions, and it uses camera radar sensors.

A rear camera also ensures you get clear images of the cars behind, and you can switch between it and the standard mirror. It also gets a safety alert seat, which vibrates when there are potential crashes. Other safety techs include adaptive cruise control, a car head-up display, and a blind-spot zone with lane alerts.

If you're interested in a Cadillac SUV with a little more room, choose between the available Cadillac XT6 and the new Cadillac XT5 models. If you'd like to test drive any of these models, visit us today or book a test drive. 

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